Usain bolt 100m olympics 2012. Usain Bolt wins Olympic m gold at London - BBC Sport

Usain bolt 100m olympics 2012. Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt wins m gold at London - Telegraph

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It's obvious, sure, but it doesn't make it any less true. Being 6ft 5in tall allows Usain Bolt to take wider and thus fewer steps over a m race than his smaller rivals. On Sunday night he took 41 steps to win the Olympic final. Yohan Blake took 46 steps and Justin Gatlin took What makes Bolt special is that he also possesses great strength and flexibility, which allows him to accelerate quickly and maintain a very high top speed. We know from research that power output is proportional to the amount of energy that can be stored and released from the muscle-tendon junction during the muscle contraction. The news that Bolt had a "slightly tight hamstring" in the run-up to the Games led some to speculate whether the Jamaican would be at his best in London.