Naked wedding pics. 24 Shockingly Naked Wedding Looks You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Naked wedding pics. 24 Shockingly Naked Wedding Looks You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Couple Takes NSFW Wedding Pics In The Midst Of A Naked Bike Ride | HuffPost Life

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Lots of you said you'd let your wedding photographer take pictures of you in your wedding-day lingerie According to this story, naked wedding pictures are all the rage among young Chinese brides and grooms. I can't imagine getting my picture taken naked, period. Never mind with my groom in the room, and never mind when I have a wedding to get to! Just thinking about it kinda makes me want to barf! The story says, "the pictures could be a sign of a couple's deep love and intimacy. Um, I can think of ways to show my love that don't involve showing a stranger my lady bits!