All countries participating in the olympics. Olympic Games - Wikipedia

All countries participating in the olympics. 2014 Winter Olympics

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How Many Countries Participate in the Olympics? | Wonderopolis

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The Winter Olympic Games have been held every four years once during each Olympiad since , except for the cancelled Games of and , and in when the Winter Games were moved to the middle of the Olympiad, two years after the previous Games. Including continuity from Czechoslovakia , the Czech Republic and Slovakia have also been represented in every edition. The first winter sport to be contested at the modern Olympic Games was figure skating at the Games in London. Ice hockey was also part of the program of events, with seven teams competing. The first Winter Games were held in , in Chamonix , France. After the war, 28 nations would return to St. Moritz for the Winter Olympics , but not Germany or Japan, who were not invited because of their roles in the war.