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In a craze that seems to be sweeping the popular video site, there are hundreds of videos, some with thousands of views, involving disrobing during the quest for a Victory Royale. A popular hustle involves getting an unwitting 'girlfriend' -- or in some case's a friend's girlfriend -- to agree without letting on how good the player is, and the victim becoming increasingly frustrated as the kills mount up. There are also a number of streamers using the trope to garner views by promising stripping which never actually happens, due to issues such as a 'parent' bursting in at an inappropriate moment. Streaming Fortnite, or posting related videos to Fortnite can be a profitable enterprise, with top streamers raking in tens of thousands of pounds a week from associated ads. Smut and Fortnite seems to be a popular topic elsewhere too -- we recently revealed the existence of a pornographic parody of the popular game. Check out our cheat sheet for week 4 , or our guides to this week's treasure location , or on where to find flaming hoops to jump through. We pay for your stories!